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Skin tightening

Loose skin can be a big nightmare for any lady. Having a sagging skin can give you a droopy look, generally they can be found around the neck, eyes, or even the jaws. It is important to restore the elasticity giving a tighter look with a smoother appearance.

At Slim up, we make sure that we give you personalised treatment according to the aesthetic goals. With the treatment, we remove the excessive fat and stimulates facial muscles which can make your look feel refreshed and have rejuvenated skin.

Our treatment helps you to get a tight skin which can completely give a new look to you. Our treatment involves:

  1. Tightening and lifting of facial muscle, revealing a firmer jaw line
  2. Reduction of excess fat around the neck area and face
  3. Improving skin texture and skin tone
  4. Reduction of puffiness

We make sure there is no bounce back to the original shape. The treatments are completely harmless as we don’t use any medicines or make you exercise to get results. With perfect diet counselling, we don’t offer any crash diets, or skipping of meal, no starvation. We believe losing weight in healthy way and satisfy your taste buds.